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Those who have worked with Postmark Ukraine before know we are a small company of just three. We enlist the skills of dozens of craftspeople throughout Ukraine, from west to east, working together to create masterpieces for you.

Founded in 2015, we are coming up to our 5-year anniversary in November, and so much has changed in those short years. But our goal, as before, is to delight with costumes that will soon become favorites, shoes and bodysuits that are forever loves, vyshyvanky that tell your story, and so much more.

From vinky to embroidered christening gowns for babes in arms, leather cheres’ to magnificent hats of the Hutsuls, home decor to ethnic evening dresses - we can create the perfect piece. Perhaps you have an idea of your own you would like realised - we will gladly take on even the most difficult task.

In addition, we really appreciate your feedback, so if you have anything to share, please post to our page, write a review, or send us a message - we are always open to hearing how we can do better, or, how we have been able to make your special day that much better.


Postmark Ukraine

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