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We want you to feel like Ukraine is with you. 
Even when you're at home, wherever home is...

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Ukraine is going through a little bit of an upheaval at the moment and here at Postmark Ukraine, we're having a hard time trying to stay on track with any costuming orders. So we're changing tack a little bit. 

In order to do our part, we're joining forces with Ukrainian Patriot - a fund Lana and other incredibly generous souls have pulled together in a matter of weeks both in and for a country at war.

You can make a financial donation to Ukrainian Patriot now, or read on to see how Postmark Ukraine is looking at sustainable ways to contribute to the country's safety and security.

Some of the projects Postmark Ukraine can help with:

IFAK kits

Ukrainian Patriot is looking to fund Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK).

While we still need to source the contents, Postmark Ukraine can assist with sewing the kit itself.

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Tactical Vests

Ukrainian Patriot is look to fund Tactical Vests. 

While we still need to source the necessary safety materials, Postmark Ukraine can assist with sewing the vests themselves. 

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With your help, we can continue to keep Ukraine a strong and stable country. One that you will be proud to visit, once again very soon.

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