Dance Footwear

by Postmark Ukraine

Ukrainian girls and boys alike wait years before they get

their feet into their beloved red boots.

We work with a number of different suppliers to allow you to choose the perfect fit, style, and quality you want. 

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character shoes

We have a number of character shoe options to suit both budget and taste.

Choose between full or split sole, size, heel style, and colour. 

Our Tropachok line comes in both split sole and full sole (with Virsky heel as an option on full sole only), is highly budget-friendly, and is available in red, black, and nude. This line measures to size.

The Kozachok character full sole shoe comes in either the shorter character heel or slimmer Virsky heel and can be ordered in red or black. This line measures to size.

Our Hopachok line is a full sole option with the Virsky heel and ensures dancers work their feet while showcasing a beautiful line. Available in red, black, and nude. This line measures to fit.

Showcase a little of your personality and choose any colour of the rainbow, with our Exclusive Hopachok line. Shoe features Virsky heel and can be ordered in leather or suede. This line measures to fit.