Dance Footwear

Ukrainian girls and boys alike wait years before they get their feet into their beloved red boots. We work with a number of different suppliers to allow you to choose the perfect fit, style, and quality you want. 


We have a number of character shoe options to suit both budget and taste.

Choose between full or split sole, size, heel style, and colour. 

Our Tropachok line offers both a split sole option is a highly budget-friendly option, and is available in red, black, and nude.

New to Postmark this season is the Kozachok character shoe, available in the shorter character heel or slimmer Virsky heel. Available in red or black. 

Our Hopachok line is a full sole option and ensures dancers work their feet while showcasing a beautiful line. Available in red and black.

Or, showcase a little of your personality and choose any colour of the rainbow, with our Exclusive Hopachok line. 


We work with a number of different suppliers

to bring you the boot that fits your style and budget.

All three options are suitable for both dance ensembles and choirs,

and we can work with the specific needs of your group. 

The Tropachok boot is a great option for dancers getting into their first pair. And - split sole is an option! Available in red, black, and white.

The Kozachok boot uses a bright but sturdy leather and are made to measure using standard sizing. Available in red, black, and white.

The Hopachok boot is made to order only. A great boot for both male and female dancers alike, this boot is available in red, black, and white.

Hand-crafted using genuine quality leather, our Kolomiyka line is a split sole option that doesn't just look good, it makes you look good! Character boot also available. 


Dance footwear is a very important part of all types of dance. 

In Ukrainian dance, the type of footwear tells a story about a specific region of the country.

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