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Improve your turnout! Exercises from professional Ukrainian dancer

5 Exercises from professional Ukrainian dancer of the Slobozhanschyna Ensemble, Anastasia Kozachok.

Dancers, throughout our lives, we work to preserve, improve, and develop our skills. Because as soon as you forget about the "class" for a while - you will immediately roll back into bad habits.

Turnout is one of the main requirements for the performance of academic dance movements.

As we know, folk dancers also have to practise classical dance to improve their skills.

Turnout is the ability to turn the upper part of the legs at the hip joints so that the knees, shins, ankles, and feet turn beautifully outward.

Separately, we also need to distinguish the ankle eversion, or “fishtail”. It is the decoration of any dance, because "educated" feet like nothing else, distinguishes a professional dancer from an amateur. So, without further adieu…

The ankle joint has a slightly larger number of ligaments, tendons, and small bones than the hip, for example. Therefore, firstly, it needs a better warm-up before any activity. Secondly, it is more mobile to develop.

In the video, we’re giving you five exercises that will help you improve ankle turnout and strengthen the muscles of the foot. It is important to remember that systematic and regular exercises are a great help to give you feet like a pro.

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