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Postmark Ukraine. Hard at work

On the eve of the 7th anniversary of Postmark Ukraine, we thought it might be fun to recall some fun facts about how we launched the business, some of the fun things we’ve been up to in this time, and how much we absolutely love what we do.

All started in November 2015.

One of Lana's beautiful friends, Sonya Horner, is part of the inspiration behind Postmark Ukraine. Lana had a number of asks for different costuming pieces from Sonya and other amazing dance technicians that year, she thought, "there's something to this...

We started off slow, and then grew and grew and grew to include anything you might be able to think of available in Ukraine. We had big plans! And then Covid... And then the war... And so, we've scaled back.

At this moment, Postmark Ukraine is focusing on dance-related items, costuming, and vyshyvanky - both hand and machine. We want to be able to continue to create amazing pieces for all of our clients, and to do that, we need to focus a little.

Sometimes, even the most difficult situations, provide a path in the right direction...

Across all of our offerings, we have more than 100 people working on Postmark-related items. And all of our incredible masters can be found in every corner of the country - even those that are seeing dark days right now.

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank all our wonderful clients who have been with us all these years, supported our company, our employees, and hence the economy of Ukraine 🇺🇦

We are working and will continue to work for you, creating beautiful clothes and footwear in the Ukrainian style.

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