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#PU TEAM Maryna Rykova

Hi all! My name is Maryna and I am really happy to start my job at Postmark Ukraine, responsible for some of the company's marketing and PR activities.

I was born and lived most of my life in Kyiv, graduated from the KPI National Technical University of Ukraine, and have worked as a marketing manager in advertising agencies, telecom, and financial companies.

In the last six years, I have been spending my time between two countries: Spain and Ukraine. And so, I feel as though I understand well the desires of our clients with Ukrainian roots who live far from Ukraine who wish to maintain a close connection with their homeland.

Wherever I travel or live, no matter how much I like any country, I always remain a Ukrainian who is proud of my beloved home, culture, traditions, and people.

I love giving Ukrainian-style gifts to my foreign friends, cooking Ukrainian dishes, and I speak proudly about how cool we Ukrainians are! I can confidently declare that I am a real ambassador of our borsch and hopak. These are probably the two most difficult things for a non-Ukrainian person to do, no matter how much he trains 😉

That’s why I am grateful to our wonderful Lana Nicole Niland, for giving me this opportunity to become part of the Postmark Ukraine team, a company that plays an invaluable role in preserving Ukrainian traditions, promoting the cultural code of the nation, and uniting Ukrainians living all over the world.

In my turn, I will do my best to provide all our fans, prospects, and clients with information about our news, plans, ideas, events, and, of course, about the wonderful items Postmark Ukraine prepares for you.

💗 Stay in touch with us - we promise to delight you!

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