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We are here. And we continue working for you.

Dear Postmark family!

First of all, a very Happy New Year to you and your own family members! We, here at Postmark Ukraine, wish you a brilliant year ahead, replete with success, joy, good health, and most importantly - here in Ukraine - peace.

If you are reading this and you are one of many who have placed an order on the Postmark site, via our Support email, or to me - Lana, directly, and you have yet to receive your goods, this letter is for you.

Your orders, your packages, your trust in us, in our masters, and in our abilities is extremely important to us. I am thrilled to report that we have been busy throughout the current dance season, and that we have even started to ship out various orders, where and whenever possible. Despite this, we are facing challenges.

Postmark Ukraine has masters positioned in points all over Ukraine: Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv, Kyiv, Karpaty, Cherkassy, and many more great cities, towns, and villages besides. While some of our incredibly talented and brave craftspeople along the front have continued to work in extremely stressful situations, those in larger centres further from the frontline have been facing difficulties also, in the form of regular rolling blackouts to electricity, heat, water, and internet (just like all of us in Ukraine, no matter where we are geographically).

In addition, the once well-used option of air travel direct from Ukraine is not, in fact, an option at this time, for obvious reasons. What that means is that if we use traditional means of transport, your goods need to move via ground transport from a point here in Ukraine; to a point predestined by UkrPoshta over the border - somewhere in Europe; where they move by sea in a container to its initial ground destination; and onward, via ground, until they reach their final destination.

Considering the amount of sweat, tears, energy, time, and attention that has gone into creating some of your orders during what is an unprecedented reality, this single postage option from within Ukraine is, to be as diplomatic as possible, extremely disappointing. Quite possibly even more so for us than for you. We are currently looking into ways to expedite this process and will likely need to be creative in the process. Rest assured, we are doing our best not only to finish your orders, quite literally at gunpoint, but to get them to you as quickly as possible.

Despite all of this, we continue.

Your orders, your support, your trust give us hope. They give us something to continue to work toward. They give us something to focus on other than the reality. And for that we are extremely grateful.

As such, the packages that you will be receiving this dance season, know that they come to you at a very important time, from a very important place in history. These items are special. They hold special significance. And we hope you love receiving them as much as we love putting them together for you.

From all of us at Postmark Ukraine, once again, we are so fortunate to be able to continue to work for you - our Postmark family. May you truly understand how special you are.

With light and love,

Lana & the Postmark Crew

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