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We continue to work

The war in Ukraine has been ongoing for over a year and has disrupted countless lives and created a host of economic challenges that take a lot of effort and dedication to overcome everyday. Ukrainians face an array of challenges, including power outages, transportation disruptions, and the constant threat of bombing. However, despite all the hardships, people continue to work and keep their companies running and providing much-needed goods and services to the community.

Postmark Ukraine’s masters have dedicated their lives to the craft of tailoring and sewing, but the ongoing hostilities have made it incredibly difficult to keep working. When the power goes out, they are left without the tools and machinery needed to complete their tasks. And when the bombings start, they are forced to flee to shelters or risk their lives staying in a working place.

Postmark Ukraine has managed to adapt to the difficult conditions of the current situation. Through determination, resilience, and creativity, our employees continue working. Due to our common efforts we keep the business alive and contribute to the support of the Ukrainian economy maintaining hope for the future.

Our company continues to design and produce the beautiful apparel and footwear that our clients adore, and we are really appreciative of your unwavering support.

In this video you can see how our craftspeople survive in a country at war.

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תגובה אחת

If it is possible, you may want to consider converting one of your sewing machines to a "treadle", so it can be operated during a power outage. It is a method of powering the machine with the motion of the seamstress's foot, and does not use electricity, and is how sewing machines were powered a long time ago. There are many resources online about this such as the website "treadle on". I believe the word in Ukrainian is Ножний привод. Best wishes, and glory to Ukraine from America.

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