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Traditional Ukrainian Weddings

Did you know that Ukrainian weddings have a long and rich history, dating back to pagan times? Here’s a few interesting and funny facts about this festive occasion to brighten your Monday

One of the most famous Ukrainian wedding traditions is the Коровай / Korovai / Bread, a round loaf decorated with dough ornaments and symbols of love, prosperity, and fertility. The newlyweds break the bread together to signify their unity and cooperation.

Another popular tradition is the Викуп / Vykup / Random of the bride, when the groom and his party have to perform funny and challenging tasks to prove his love and dedication to the bride's family. The tasks can range from singing and dancing to solving puzzles and buying gifts. (Ladies - you may wish to start thinking about this one)

In traditional Ukrainian weddings, the bride wears a special wreath of flowers and ribbons called a Вінок/ Vinok / Vinok. It symbolises the beauty and purity of the bride, and the ribbons are sometimes used to tie the hands of the bride and groom together during the ceremony.

Ukrainian weddings are also known for their lively and colourful dances, such as the Гопак / Hopak, a fast-paced and acrobatic folk dance that requires skill, energy, and endurance. The dance is usually performed by the groom and his friends, while the bride and her friends dance the Коло / Kolo - a circular and graceful dance.

Ukrainian weddings could last for several days and involve elaborate rituals and ceremonies, such as the Рада / Rada / Council of elders, who would advise the newlyweds on how to lead a happy and successful life, or the "burning of the shirts", when the groom's shirt was set on fire to symbolise his transition from bachelorhood to marriage.

🇺🇦 Nowadays, Ukrainian weddings are still a popular and cherished tradition, combining ancient customs with modern trends and innovations.

At Postmark Ukraine, we're inspired by these beautiful traditions and the artistry of Ukrainian hand-made craftsmanship.

Our team designs and produces custom-made wedding dresses that celebrate the heritage and culture of Ukraine. Whether you're looking for a traditional vinok or a contemporary bridal look, we can create a garment that reflects your unique vision and honours the rich traditions of Ukrainian weddings.

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Photo credit: Pinterest, Dmytro Pokhodzhuk

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