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by Postmark Ukraine 

Ukrainian design has evolved to include some of the most beautiful fashion items on international catwalks to date. Featuring designs with a foot in the past and an eye to the future, Postmark Ukraine works with some of the most talented designers in the country to create completely bespoke and absolutely incredible pieces for every single one of your special occasions.


From the very beginning

to the incarnation of the most daring idea ...

The creation of a great product consists of several stages.

Whether wedding, graduation, award ceremony, or just because, whatever the occasion, we will be with you every step of the way.

The Postmark Process


All fashion pieces are inspired from somewhere: nature, an unexpected meeting, a philosophy. Whether you need a little help with your inspiration or you already have the perfect piece in mind, reach out. Your ideas will become our inspiration to come up with a look that's totally yours. 

Ukrainian Couture

you talk - we listen...

Ukrainian Couture


We get to work.

A sketch of your idea, using all of the things you've conveyed in a call or in a letter if you feel more comfortable that way, is step 2. We'll consider all colours, fabrics, movement, shape, and budget to ensure that the final outcome is one you are going to be absolutely over the moon for. 


you explain - we understand...



We'll continue to work out the final details, take some measurements, and source material.



The first elements are cut, sewn, created, and combined. 

until the design of your dreams is under way...


And then comes the day of the fitting. Whether you're here in Ukraine or anywhere else in the world, we'll make this process one that you can trust.



And back to work we go until your creation - your dream - is complete; working conscientiously to make sure each seam, button, and ribbon perfect before it leaves the workshop and moves" into your wardrobe.


We can't wait to start working on your special design. Get in touch today and let us come up with a design they'll never forget.

In fashion, the sky really is the limit.

And with Roksolana Bogutska, Oksana Karavanska, Larisa Lobanova, and even Liliya Poustovit getting into the blue and yellow spirit, your exclusive Ukrainian pret-a-porter design is waiting for you.

Here's a few of the designs we love to get you in the mood...

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